Monday, November 28, 2016

Giampaolo Sbrogio, you are a super human !!!

I often wonder, how the human race continues to evolve stronger & stronger amid paramount corruption and wars around the world; shouldn’t we seize to exist?  Its sheer miracle or some invisible force that keeps us going and negating all bad vibes. What that force is? 

I found partial answer, when I met Mr. Giampaolo Sbrogio in Venice Italy this year.

Across faith, sect and religion, spiritual wisdom preaches victory of good over bad or angel over evil…. Probably world is full of unrecognized and not so popular people, who keep radiating positive energy that overcomes these evil forces and negativity;  They are in millions and can be found in every nooks and corner of the globe, they are the driving force behind our sustainability over corruption, war and human greed.   I prefer to call them super human.

Giampaolo is one of the, he is a super human for me and my family.   Here is small story, why…….

We (I along with my wife Deepshikha, my son Divit and my office colleague Anuradha) reached Venice on 21st Oct 2016.  We availed Airbnb for accommodation and were staying in Moligano Vento, a small but very beautiful & peaceful town.   Only drawback for us was language barrier, hardly anyone speaks English there.

To visit Venice we use to catch train from Moligano Centro, which is about 45 min walk or 5 min bus journey from our apartment. Off course, we opted for bus, with 4 year old child, 45 min walk just to catch train was never in our agenda.

Good quality buses, always on time bus (one can adjust your watch as per their timing) and free of cost, we can’t ask for more or look for any other option; first two days all our travel (to & fro, from apartment to Centro) were on bus only.

On Sunday morning, we were at bus stop at 9:35 am. Exactly as we planned – to take 9:39 bus, so that we will be at Centro by 9:44, then go for breakfast at Gopiano Cafe and take 10:24 am train to Santalucia, Venice. 

All happy and ready to roll, we started clicking photos and my son was busy playing with pebbles near to the bus stop. After 10 minutes we realize bus has not arrived yet, first we stopped clicking photo, then in next 5 min with growing anxiety all of us referred to time table one by one. In next 5 min, we sensed that something is wrong today; to confirm our fear an elderly lady somehow informed us that on Sunday no bus ply.   What more, no taxi service either.  

My watch was showing its 10:02 am and we are yet to figure it out how to reach Centro; to add to our trouble, mobile data of all 3 phones were consumed, so no phone and no internet.   We tried to take lift, it was 18th Car, which passed by, but no response to our lift request, may be in Italy there can be a different sign for lift.

Imagine, you are in the middle of a town, were no one speaks English, you have no phone or internet and there is no bus or taxi service, and your destination is 45 min by walk (if you walk fast) and you have a kido with you.   

After sometime, a young man with his strong pet was on morning walk (yeah, pleasant weather out there allow one to go for walk or jog any hour of day).    He sensed we were in trouble and asked if we need some help.  With help of sign language and common words, we could explain our situation; he made 2 – 3 calls, first to enquire about bus service, then to Taxi Company, then to his friends as what can be done.  But nothing could be arranged, all response were negative.  People of such a peaceful, beautiful & easy going life must be wondering, why on the earth people would want to spend a Sunday roaming around here and there. 

The young man, thought for few seconds then looked at his watch, thought for few more seconds and finally said – “You wait here for 10 min, I am coming with my car”; those words were a music for my ear.

In next 7 minutes, he was there with his car, no pet around though.  He want back, probably said sorry to his pet for not continuing the walk, took his car and arrived at bus stop in the fastest possible time.  And at 10:22 am, we were at train station and were able to catch the train just on time.

While thanking him, we connected over facebook, technology is another miracle, even though, my train was about to arrive in 2 min we could connect over FB.  In no time, he could search me on FB and sent friendship request. Now, I am proud friend of Giampaolo.

To us, it was no less than a miracle. In foreign land, uncommon language, unknown people, still you will always find people ready to help… unconditionally.  They are truly super human, Giampaolo is a super human.

Thanks buddy, not just to help us but to deepen my belief on good deed and humanity. God bless you.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Certificate Or knowledge !!!!

Today, we can see many technology startups around us who are trying to follow the Agile methodology for software development. But are they really doing it in the right way?  Most of us mainly go through some blog, article and book or learn/hear from here and there and start doing our own scrum, but this approach is not very useful.      To know exact scrum, one has to go through scrum certification, which cost around $500, plus most of such certification program organizes outside Pune (mostly Bangalore), so over the program fee, one have to bear the logistic expenses also.  To learn and getting certified, actual cost go around 40-50 thousand. 

Certification is useful for someone who is looking for getting Job as scrum master.  But for startups aim is not to get the job, but to do the job.  To do job properly, one have to have good knowledge of scrum (certificate is optional).  ? If you are one such startup and find yourself lacking in the skills used to implement Scrum you need to attend this seminar which is going to be held on 6th and 7th October 2012.

Arnab Saha and his team are here to present you with a USP – Uncertified Scrum+ Professional. You might be wondering what this is. Actually, USP is a series of seminars started by these two IT gurus to help you understand the real meaning of Scrum. That too at a very cost effective price, only Rs. 6500/-.

In this two daylong seminar organized by IDYeah labs, you will get to know the right way to implement Scrum from experts who have a collective experience of over 20 years in the IT industry.

For more details, contact – 9823 403 832 (Arnab) or mail at

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The rise and fall of DOSA PLAZA

No, this blog doesn’t talk about success or failure of Dosa Plaza (speciality food chain, which serve over 106 types of Dosa).... I am not an expert to write on such issue.   This blog is just an expression of a loyal customer, who is now more than disappointed with distorting services of this potential food chain.

In 2006-07, I first got chance to try dosa of Dosa plaza; when its Kothrud outlet had just opened.  I became fan of this place, in my very first visit.  Good interior (not luxurious, but definitely trendy and hygienic), well mannered and uniformed service staffs, competitive price, wide range of dosas in menu card, and biggest thing – ultimate taste.   It was sure winner, so it did.   In subsequent visit, I tried almost all of them, from traditional to experimental one (Mexican and American stuffing dosa); but Garlic roast is my favourite, and it was a consistent order in my all visits to all its outlets (they had couple of, at Mumbai-Pune expressway as well).    With time, somehow I could not visit any Dosa plaza outlet for few years. I can think of two reasons; first, I moved to pimple Saudagar, where it does not have any outlet nearby, second, now a day’s new entrepreneurs keep on starting new food chain – so I was busy trying them.  

On 28th July (Saturday), I along with couple of my friends was going to Mumbai; as usual, we stopped at food court near khapoli.   We hungry souls were desperately checking out food outlets to decide what to eat, and guess what – Dosa plaza ....   a momentarily happiness in heart, which fade away by  looking at the condition of outlet, extremely ill managed and dirty, torn posters, poor lighting... looking like roadside food stall.   Ignoring its state, and rude (read not so polite) behaviour of service staff, we decided to go with it, off course Garlic roast was in order list.    In next 10 min, we were served with one of the worst dosa I ever had, partly burned, no taste, it was somewhere between yuk and thhuuu..... anything but eatable.     I got the reasoning of ill state of its existing outlets, and no new outlet in any new area........

Now, this is not going off my mind, once it was so good and... only in few years time.. it’s nothing but a disappointment.   I wish it bounced back and control its quality and may manage its expansion; but first thing first, Dosa plaza may survive.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boulevard – visit at your risk and with expectation as low as possible

The Orchid five star ecotel hotel at Pune is unique in its own way;  its probably only star hotel where you find – mosquitoes and loud music in coffee bar, cooler instead of AC, and so on.... while missing items are valet parking, coffee menu in menu card of coffee bar and off course hospitality.  In one word this place can be best described as “Sarkari”- good infrastructure with pathetic service.

I love late night coffee at 24 hour cafes, mostly in star hotels, and being an entrepreneur, I have to do it frequently and have visited various star hotels and their cafes in almost every major tier I & II cities of India.    Common thing in all such cafes is their relaxed ambience (perfect temperature AC, no loud music and well mannered service) and they all serve coffee in coffee jar with ceramic cups – so that one can enjoy hot coffee for quite long time and chit chat.  

As I said “The Orchid” is unique in its own way.   We (me along with some friends) entered its well decorated coffee bar “Boulevard” and surprised to see that in place of AC there was air-cooler with constant annoying sound. Soon they start playing music – as laud as CCDs.  No mention of any coffee related product in menu card, surprised us further – when  I enquired about same with service staff – he simply (read rudely) said – what if it is not in menu, you ask, we will serve coffee...

They off course served it – but again in their own unique way – cold coffee was anything but cold.  Hot coffee too was served in cup and saucer, no coffee jar to keep it hot, hint was very clear “finish it ASAP”.   This time we were not surprised to find that coffee was steamed, the one that usually served in parties for huge gathering – “Fatafat coffee”. A birthday party was going on in conference hall of hotel, so it might be outsourced.   And then final nail in coffin, soon some mosquitoes joined us.

You can visit “Boulevard”, but definitely on your own risk and keep expectation as low as possible.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Travel time sucks…. I almost missed my flight, because of them

Preface -
My flight to Delhi from Pune was scheduled at 10:20 pm; as airlines wisely request travelers to be present at least 45 min prior to schedule departure, I planned to be there by 9:30.  Keeping in mind the 35-40 minute commute time from my flat to airport, I decided to book a cab at 8:45.   I called travel time traveling service around quarter to eight and booked my cab accordingly.  A polite call executive confirmed my booking and assured that driver will call me by 8:15 pm (30 before booked time), I will also get a SMS confirming my booking along with driver name, number and cab details.  

Actual Drama
All my bags were packed and I was fully prepared well before time.   By 8:20, I neither get call from driver nor any SMS,  I called them, and they assured me that driver will call by 8:30, he didn’t.  I called them again, and they said driver is on the way, very near to my flat and will call in next 5 min, he didn’t.    Frustrated me, called them again , and they again assured me driver will be there by 8:45 (in next 5 minute) and will call you up, he didn’t.   Finally I call my friend ‘SOS’, help me to reach airport; in no time he was in my society, and I was sitting next to him in his car, watch was showing 9:02.  Just to check, I called travel time again and said – “I had a booking at 8:45, and cab never came ” , in response, call executive politely said – “sir, your booking is still there, and driver is about to reach your place and will next 5 minutes driver will call you” he didn’t J.   

At the end
Finally, somehow I reached airport exactly at 9:40, and with pleasant surprise, they allow me to check-in without any exchange of words.  Since at the end I was able to catch my flight, I was about to forget travel time experience, but out of curiosity I check their review on yahoo local ( ) and happy to know that I am not the sole victim of their pathetic service.  They are constant travel maker to many customers.  Thanks to God, I am on board.

I really appreciate extreme politeness of call executive, every time I called them, sometimes it seems like shamelessness (smiling even after screwing up everything); they must be feeling same way about me as well.  I wish I should called them up around 10 and check if drive is still on the way, I am sure they had responded that – driver will call in next 5 minute. J

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

एक ख्वाहिश अनेक ख्वाहिश

एक नजम जड़ सकू, बस इतनी ख्वाहिश है |

एक नब्ज जुड़ जाएगी, खुद-ब-खुद ख्वाहिशो के ||

Thursday, August 4, 2011

दिल के शीशे में कोई, यो ही उतर आती है - Ghazal

दिल के शीशे में कोई, यो ही उतर आती है |
बन के परछाई मेरी, बात लिख के जाती है ||

कोशिशे करता हूँ फिर भी न चला, एक भी अक्षर उसका |
लगता शब्दों को स्वयं आँक, गजले गुनगुनाती है ||

चाहता हूँ की पकड़ पूछ लू, वह धुंध में आने का सबब |
जब थम - कदम बढाता हूँ, वो घूम के नट जाती है ||

मैं इधर चैन को बैचेन रहा, कौन क्या जाना क्या आना है |
देखते - देखते वह छाया, झट से मुकर जाती है ||